Splitting a large Rapidweaver site into two separate sites

I have developed an RW site over 8 years using numerous assets and Stacks applications. I now need to split this so I can extract a substantial section and set it up as a totally separate site. Is there an easy way to do this? Its still on Rapidweaver 5 at the moment.
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open your project

save as - (new project) in another folder
open new project
delete the pages you don’t want in this project
set the home page
change the site settings (domain name etc.)
change the publishing settings
save and publish the new project

  • or-
    you can start a new project open your current project as well.
    drag pages from current to new project
    delete pages from current project.
    however, you will have to go through and change the folder names on the new project because they will all be page-xx


Sincere thanks for a very helpful and speedy reply.
A clear and detailed response.
Much appreciated.



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Might be a bit more complicated:

  1. Bulding redirects to not screw 8 years of SEO history and not loose guests linking to your pages
  2. Links on pages referring to pages within the project
  3. links to assets (pics etc)

And much much more…
Sorry for party pooping…

Thank you for the cautionary advice.
Experience tells me that nothing is straightforward! In life or the virtual world.
I will check all asset links to see that they are consistent.

Best wishes


I’m unclear as to if you are splitting a project into multiple projects and will continue use that way, or if you simply want to dup your site to make a smaller site… If you want to break up your site into several project files and continue to use in that way it’s a lot different than simply duplicating part of a site for another site. Can you please elaborate as to which you are doing? I run a site that is in 8 project files.

Hello Greg

Thank you. After several years, one area of the website has developed a life of its own. I began to create educational materials which include downloadable handouts, practical activities away from the computer as well as guides to architecture. Using my own assets I digitally ‘reconstructed’ buildings so that viewers would have a sense of what they would look like in the 16th and 17th centuries, ‘removing’ modern accoutrements such as guttering, telephone wires and so on. Now currently these educational activities are hidden away in the main site which focuses on more general environmental issues- equally important. So what I wish to do is remove these resources completely from the website, create an entirely new site with its own domain. This would avoid the main site having too general an objective and clarify its purpose. Hope this makes sense! I was looking for the simplest way to transfer several sections from one site and re-establish on a new site with its own domain.
Sorry this is a bit lengthy!
Best wishes


Easiest and cheapest option would be to simply do a sub-domain on your current site. I’ve not done sub-domains using RW but I assume RW works normally with sub-domain setups. (If your site is named “mysite.com” a subdomain would be something like “reconstructions.mysite.com.”) Your host should have a tool for creating a sub-domain. Check your site control panel.

Or, as you say, you could go with a completely new site since they are so cheap now days.

Regardless, as others have said above, just duplicate your site and then in both projects remove the pages that don’t apply essentially breaking the duplicates into two separate sites. Be sure to change all the site setup options in the new one as well as the needed page changes.

Or, you could create a new RW project using a new theme, home page, etc and then just drag the appropriate pages from the current site to the new one.

Many thanks indeed for your helpful suggestions. Some options here that I had not thought about.