Sub site and/or nav side bar from other "sites"

Hey there, trying to help my father-in-law with his site, and I don’t know RapidWeaver that well so if this is obvious I apologize in advance.

His site is monstrous (>13Gb), and that is causing problems. He uses RW 7. His site is a list of musicals he’s been involved in, organized by school. You can see it here.

To solve his issues, I’d like to break up his site into sub-sites, by school, so there’d be 8 RW projects/sites. I can get them set so the publishing works fine (school A goes into public_html/school-a, etc), however the sidebar is automatically generate d by the “sections” you add to the project.

When I split it out, now the sidebar doesn’t real work.

Is there any way to manually set that side bar? I couldn’t figure out which theme he’s using nor how to change that side bar at all.

Suggestions/advice welcome.

You can definitely break it into separate projects.

In the “master” project, add the menu pages for the “sub” projects set the file name to dummy.html(or php depending on page type)

Is the “sub”projects set the home page folder to where it should publish in the “master” and set the file name to index…

Hope that makes sense.

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