SSL Badge not showing up

Hey All,

Can anyone give me a clue why the SSL badge on this page is not resolving?
It is right below the Add to Cart button.


Well, I learn something new everyday.

I just learned that Cloudflare (which is an EXCELLENT free service) provides free basic SSL certificate protection through Comodo. Hence, the the script could not resolve because the site was protected by a competitor. After some trial and error, I got both badges popping on as expected.

It is always nice when the mystery is solved! :smile:

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Just a little tidbit of information that may be of help since I have experience with SSL and CloudFlare. Just make sure you test all your pages on different browsers, since some stacks can break SSL certification depending on the chosen browser. The usual culprit is connections to non https resources. I had to to contact a couple of developers to resolve various issues.