Stack based projects with almost no content in them ballooning up 110MB in size

I started a new RW project that will heavily use the 1LD Backdrop stack. As I began assembling pages their sizes were very small like 100KB. This makes sense since the file at the moment only has one small image, a few fonts, only one page. Just an all around really small content file. And then for seemingly no reason at all the file jumps to being 110MB.

It is very frustrating since I have no way to share these files even after compression. This was originally brought up when I asked another question in the Foundry forums and this came up as a side issue. Since the file size part of the question seemed more like a RW issue I thought it might be sense to post the problem here.

Hi @KipV,

This is a bug in Stacks.

Once you get underway with a project after having opened (an) older project(s), Stacks for some reason adds resources from the other project(s) to your project (Externals and sometimes partials).

As far as I know, this hasn’t been fixed by Yourhead yet - but I could be mistaken. Make sure you have the latest version of Stacks installed.


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Also consider some stacks load hundreds of files to a project. I have one stack that literally loads close to 500 files to a project file. Yeah it certainly could be 100 MB easily.

Unfortunately this is long standing Stacks issue, and as @Heroic_Nonsense said, it’s an issue only YourHead can fix :cry:

There’s a little more information on it here…

@Heroic_Nonsense Wow that is really strange. Yes I have the latest version of Stacks.

@scottsteven I wonder if 1LD’s Backdrop stack does that? and why?

@dan I decided to delete the folder as was suggested in the Foundry forum. The file size went way down to 189 KB. I’ll somehow have to remember to keep one file open at a time.


Some Stacks do a lot of things and thats why we buy them and these features need a lot of resources and frameworks. Believe me as a developer who has to code by hand this is normal.

Good news is you dont have to know why or whats going on in the back ground in rapidweaver and Stacks to get to use these lovely features.

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