Stack for Daily Birthdays

I am looking for a stack that will display a list of birthdays each day. From midnight to midnight, changing every 24 hours.

I’ve seen a few stacks that almost do this. A few allow you to set the date, but they all seem to have settings for specific dates (day, month, year).

I need a stack that will just use day and month, not years, so that each year the cycle repeats.

Any ideas?


Terry Vosbein

Try this:

That stack seems to be dead

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Even if it was still available, this Stack appears to load the entire month, in calendar or list view.

I am looking for a stack that will allow me to just show one date at a time (the current date), which would show a text stack of 20-30 birthdays in a list.

Understand…that was the closest I found…I do have it.

Take a look at this:

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