Stack for global replacement of ads

I’m not quite sure how to ask for what I’m looking for.

I have a site for a podcast I produce. I want to run ads in a sidebar adjacent to the show transcript (Show Notes). Both are placed in a Focus stack beneath my audio player.

Because I have almost 50 shows, presently, and grow our archive weekly, changing out ads for all of them would be a daunting task. I want a way to both warehouse all ads and specify which ads run on specific pages. Even if I could only run the same ads on every Show Notes page, I’d be happy with that. For now.

Is there such an animal in the RW developer community? Or is that a more specific and sophisticated need than the market that RW services? I don’t know the answer. Just asking the question.

You can see for yourself at While it’s in development, there are only 3 shows that are active, Adele, Celia Cruz, and Pat Benatar. Click on the “Show Notes” button on any of those to see the page in question.

Is there a classified ad stack or a display ad stack available that will do this?