Rebuilding my Squarespace site in RW8. What stacks do I need?

I’m coming back to RW after a very long time away, using Squarespace. This page shows just one of the things I do and I want to make sure that everything works properly because it’s an archive for. . .

The SRO Show

This is a legacy page for a series of radio featurettes, each on a single musical artist, that included voiceover, a few bars of the artist’s music, lots of quick transitions, and informative, sometimes humorous writing. The “menu” was a grid of thumbnails featuring photos of the artists with their names and were made to look like an album cover. Each thumbnail was linked to its own show page that featured a larger version of the thumbnail image, the script, credits, and an audio player with that particular episode. It used a 2-column grid for the image and the player + credits, and the script was full width below those items.

MY QUESTION IS THIS: What set of RW Stacks would come closest to making this work the best? I’ll need a gallery stack for the menu page, on the left, below. But would something like the Focus stack (which takes over the entire screen when it is called) have the ability to layout the show page, on the right?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Lawrence Standifer Stevens

You could use Joe Workman’s Total Blog, well certainly for the first page, made up of Blog lists (as you can set up a grid to your specification)? Again the second page could be a blog post?

Guy, thanks for responding. I’m not sure that this is really a candidate for a blog page. It does kind of look a bit like a blog, though, doesn’t it? However, I’m not looking to exactly duplicate the look shown here.

I’d like to point you to a working version of what I have in mind but I’m making this up as I go along. Overnight, I’ve written a lot of thoughts down about what I want to do with the page: appearance, functionality, bells and whistles. I might add that here later. Unfortunately, I can be a little wordy when I’m talking to myself. :wink:

I do know that the gallery stack on the menu page will only link to the show page, not an image. So, just a grid of images would work, I guess.

The show page actually has a lot going on. I want it to animate onscreen, like the Focus stack. On the show page will be a banner across the top that is a static version of the animated HTML banner at the top of the menu page.

The cover art should animate onscreen and the show should be set to autoplay. The script could be revealed with some type of accordion inside a parallax stack triggered when the user scrolls a couple hundred pixels down.

I could go on but I think you get the drift: it needs to move and keep the user engaged, without being too kitschy.

Thanks for your input, Guy. If you have any suggestions on how to achieve this kind of controlled animation, let me know. I really appreciate it.


I think you could do most of what you want with TotalCms Blog, but if you don’t really need the CMS functionality, I would just use the foundation theme, block grid will do the front page, the individual pages will be simple enough to make there are tons of stacks out there for animation, (including animate in foundation).

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