What are the best RW add-ons to replicate my old website?

Hello Rapidweavers!

I’ve been poring over the pages on my website dedicated to the radio featurette I produce called, Musical Notes. I’m open to changing the WAY things work but I want to be able to change slowly so that my subscribers aren’t put off by or get lost in the new design.

So far, in order to replicate the old design (as closely as possible), I’ve come up with a few possibilities for add-ons to purchase as part of my “kit,” as well as some specs for how it should function.

I want to create a grid of images that each link to a page or a blog entry with several elements: artwork for that show episode, an audio player, preview text, and a transcript of the show.

Following are some of the tools that I think will be useful.

Specs for the new MusicalNotes.Show website

  1. Home Page containing a grid of images (5 wide on the Desktop, 3 wide on tablet, and 1 column wide on phone)
  2. Each image is linked to a page for its associated show
  3. Ad space
  4. Comments / Suggestions
  5. Sidebar with links to artist or film websites
  6. Contact page link
  7. About page link
  8. Each Show page includes:
    1. Program Artwork Header
    2. Ad space
    3. Title
    4. Artwork for show
    5. Publish date
    6. Audio player for Show (auto-plays Show audio)
    7. Audio player for tracks used in the show (samples only) (click to play)
    8. BUY NOW button to purchase tracks from iTunes or other source(s)
    9. Credits
    10. Show number
    11. Transcript (with links to tracks used in show)
    12. Share / Social media buttons
    13. Like button
    14. Previous and Next buttons/links that include the title of the show being linked
    16. Footer with copyright notice
  9. As new shows are produced, the website is updated with a new show page and an addition to the grid on the Home page
    1. Batch uploads are possible and shows can be scheduled for future publication


  • Foundation Theme
  • Styled Text Stack
  • Stacks 3
  • Bricks 2
  • RW/Writer blog stack by Blueball Design
  • Audio by Yuzoolthemes
  • Player Stack by Archetypon
  • HTML 5 Audio by Joe Workman
  • Soundcloud by Joe Workman
  • Comments by Joe Workman
  • HTML Contact Form by Doobox
  • Hunter 3 by Doobox
  • Focus by elixir graphics
  • Total CMS by Joe Workman
  • Structure by elixir graphics

Of course, these are only possible tools to use to build the site. I’d like to narrow these down to the best tools available.

Your comments, thoughts, feedback, and/or suggestions are more than welcome. I’m trying to play catch-up on all the new tools and techniques out there in Rapidweaver-land.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Lawrence Standifer Stevens (@TangoArtist)