Stack for responsive drop down menu?

Hi, was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a drop down menu stack that could be placed in an extracontent stack? I tried MegaMenu from but it apparently is non-responsive. But that is essentially what i need - just one that is responsive. Actually, all i need is a simple drop down and don’t require the extra features of MegaMenu.

thanks y’all!

@thang My SuperMenu stack should work fine in and ExtraContent container. There is a free demo version you can download to try:

At one time there were several different menu stacks available. You might be able to find more of them listed here:

@willwood Thanks very much Will!

I’m looking into several on stackcentral now. should’ve looked there first! Just trying to find the easiest one to implement.

I use MyMenu from NimbleHost and I like it’s simplicity and customisation. I’m not familiar with Will’s stack, but I’m sure it is great, as well…

@Rovertek Thanks Rob, I appreciate the help. I was looking at myMenu as well after Will pointed me to the stackcentral page. Glad to hear from someone who has used it and recommends it as well.