Menu options using stacks in Freestack

I’m looking for options for creating more "dynamic’ menus in a Freestack based site.

Could be as simple as the bounce on this site:

I haven’t been able to find any menu-specific tools… but just wondering if anyone has any best-practice or advice on how to build something like this without any need to code.

thanks for any help.

Freestack Responsive is absolutely outstanding for integrating third party code. Personally, I have integrated > 10 third party menu systems into Freestack projects over the years.

Third party menu systems are generally MUCH more powerful than build in theme menu’s as you can have mega-menus, feature content menus and all sorts of widget like stuff going on in them, if thats your thing.

BUT (thats the big but)… without code? Nope. But the integration is generally pretty straightforward and once you have done it a couple of times it gets easier. If you cannot be persuaded to try the integration - by working with some code - then I’ll leave it at that.

If you think maybe you’d like to give it a try then I recommend: Menuzord it’s absolutely brilliant and the developer is extremely responsive and really cares about the product. His Jet menu is outstanding too.

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Thanks for the info Kryten… checking out menuzod now…

But… if this results in me learning how to do more than paste in the occasional bit of CSS, I’m gonna blame you!


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Thanks Kryten,
This opens a whole new world for customizing themes to me. I am often disappointed with the limited vertical navigation options in most themes and frameworks.


Happy to help. Let me know if you get stuck or need a hand trying to get anything working. First couple of times it can feel a bit complicated ( well, did for me ) after that it all clicks into place and starts making sense.

You are absolutely correct too. Once you look beyond stacks and RW plugins there really is a whole other world out there…

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