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Does anybody know of a stack that will present a gallery of images in a format similar to the attached image?

This image is from a Gallery Page that was produced in Adobe Muse.
The gallery of thumbnails create links to dedicated pages for each kitchen. The gallery needs to have the thumbnail image with the kitchen number below the thumbnail.

This system produces very elegant navigation. The customer and I can talk on the phone and very quickly get to the dedicated page for “Kitchen 13”. Each picture on that page also has an identification number. We can easily find an discuss “Kitchen 13 - Picture 5”.

What I like about the MUSE format is the image grid is relatively easy on the eyes. The format feels organized.

When I try to do this with my limited skills in RapidWeaver what I get is very discordant and random in appearance and size. I can’t figure out how to control the margins between images

Can anybody recommend a stack for this idea?

To start with format all your thumbs as horizontal…the mix just doesn’t work…basic layout.
If you did them all the same size in pixels everything would hold true.

So this is something that should happen in Lightroom or Photoshop?

Are you using the gallery option that comes standard with RW? If so then you might want to consider a dedicated gallery stack such as Gallery 3. More here:

This doesn’t change what @joemart1951 was saying.

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You can try before you buy

Thanks guys. I took a look at all of the gallery stacks you recommended. They are good ones. I have seen others like them.

These are the kinds of gallery presentations that would work well for the web pages that go in-depth about each kitchen. The images flow well from one to the next. As long as they can also contain some text to describe features in the kitchen they would be perfect for this phase of the presentation.

What I am looking for at the top level are image grids that can also contain a single number below each image. I want my customers to be able to quickly find Kitchen 13. The image is just a link. The number ID field is that navigation to the link.

I could build this with a card stack from Foundry but was hoping to find something that would be a little more concise spatially.

Has anyone mentioned Photo by Nick Cates? That could work. Check out the Collections feature.



What you describe fits perfectly on Poster.

Thanks guys! This has been really helpful.

I really like the Masonry shaped site by RWExtras.
That would work for irregular shaped images.
Depending how I crop images it always gets pretty random.

I also really instacks PosterStack.
When I get some time this weekend I will take an in depth looks at both.

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