Poll of Images -- How to?

Is there a way to create a poll of images in Rapidweaver that will allow a grid similar to the attached image (5col x 15row)? Responsive stacks are preferred. But a third party poll with embedded code could work, too.

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You are able to define in some of the grids the width, or the amount of images displayed horizontally.

The amount of images displayed vertically is defined just though how many images are available at all.


Yes, these are images I’m laying out but the whole thing is a questionnaire.

I’ve created something like what I want (see the graphic, below) at SurveyHero.com. You can see it at this link — https://surveyhero.com/c/d0dfe5cc.

What I don’t like about it is the fact that I had to painstakingly add each photo, one-at-a-time, and enter each caption (a simple cardinal number to ID the photo when the data are collected as text file) one-at-a-time. Still, it was the closest thing I could find to doing what I need. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to embed it, successfully, on my current Squarespace website. As a result, I’m limited to getting friends to share it on social media. So far, not much traffic.

I don’t recall ever seeing that Gallery Stack 3 had the capability to add and lay out anything but photos. Is this not correct? Would you ever consider adding that feature to this stack? It also would need to compile the data from many inputs for easy reporting and interpretation.

I do thank you for the response. I’d be glad to know if you have any plans to add this kind of capability to your product or its successors.


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@TangoArtist Okay, what you really want is form software/stack. Gallery 3 is a fantastic stack for creating image galleries. And it would take a lot of work out of naming, organizing, etc. as you can place all images in one folder and the stack will read all of them. But you don’t want a gallery, unfortunately.

It seems to me the form you created at SurveyHero is about as close as you’re going to get. What’s the problem with embedding it in a RapidWeaver page? What kind of embed codes/options do they provide? Put simply, it shouldn’t be hard to embed in a RW page, but there’s always a small chance it’s not possible due to the code (or lack thereof) that SurveyHero provide.

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Maybe @habitualshaker Stuart has an idea with his Quizzer Stack.

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I’m planning for v2 of Quizzer and it will have a back end of some sort that will capture user responses. V1 however doesn’t offer this I’m afraid.

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