Stack HTML to be used in footer template

Hi all. I need to transfer a page footer I have made in stacks to HTML for use in a page template. Is there a way to do this? The source HTML is below. What elements have to be removed/changed to make it cleaner HTML?


About UK Pushchairs:
UK Pushchairs collects and reviews prices from a wide range of retailers in the UK to compare prices, discounts and offers. Results are published regularly to assist buyers find the perfect pushchair, at a competitive price. Please read our Terms & Conditions regarding the use of this website.
About Pushchairs:
Pushchairs and prams are made in a multitude of shapes, styles, sizes, and colours. UK Pushchairs organises products into easily understandable categories to help buyers make an informed choice.

First, I don’t see any HTML here. So … it’s hard to help.

What kind of stack were you using? If a Markdown stack, then there are easy conversions to HTML. If Styled Text then it’s trickier.

Hi Matthew. Doh! It has rendered to styled text in my post. Schoolboy error! :wink: It is a 3 Column Responsive Stack, with Styled Text Stacks. From your post I’m guessing that will be difficult to convert? Thanks for your reply.

Well the regular text may be fine, but all the links will need to be converted to HTML. The following website might help:

There’s also a more general site:

Otherwise use Google to find alternative easier ways to do this.