Stack HTML to be used in footer template

(Keith Callaby) #1

Hi all. I need to transfer a page footer I have made in stacks to HTML for use in a page template. Is there a way to do this? The source HTML is below. What elements have to be removed/changed to make it cleaner HTML?


About UK Pushchairs:
UK Pushchairs collects and reviews prices from a wide range of retailers in the UK to compare prices, discounts and offers. Results are published regularly to assist buyers find the perfect pushchair, at a competitive price. Please read our Terms & Conditions regarding the use of this website.
About Pushchairs:
Pushchairs and prams are made in a multitude of shapes, styles, sizes, and colours. UK Pushchairs organises products into easily understandable categories to help buyers make an informed choice.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

First, I don’t see any HTML here. So … it’s hard to help.

What kind of stack were you using? If a Markdown stack, then there are easy conversions to HTML. If Styled Text then it’s trickier.

(Keith Callaby) #4

Hi Matthew. Doh! It has rendered to styled text in my post. Schoolboy error! :wink: It is a 3 Column Responsive Stack, with Styled Text Stacks. From your post I’m guessing that will be difficult to convert? Thanks for your reply.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Well the regular text may be fine, but all the links will need to be converted to HTML. The following website might help:

There’s also a more general site:

Otherwise use Google to find alternative easier ways to do this.