Stack location on iMac

I plan to back up all my stacks onto an external drive. Where are the stack stored on iMac? I looked in the Library but couldn’t find it.

Also do I just copy the RW app itself to back it up to external drive? Does it transfer the serial purchase or I have to enter that information again if I ever had to restore my iMac?

Thank you

Don’t you use TimeMachine? If so you have backups. Though I also do Bootable backups to a pocket drive each night and I carry this with me when I leave the house in case of fire or theft.

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but to answer your question… they are as shown in this screen shot. The Library is your USER library, NOT the system lib.

For backup time machine should backup everything you need to restore.

As for addons like stacks, themes and plugins you can choose to place them anywhere you like.

No I haven’t use Time Machine.

I use same external drive to back up stuff on Windows machine too and when I checked Time Machine out last time, it seems it want the whole external drive for itself.

Greg gave you the default location. The video above show how to change that. As for serial numbers if you purchased from Realmac directly and you need to enter again, you can but your limited to running two copies (I think it’s two) at the same time. So you might want to deactivate the old if you can.

DONT backup to the same drive as you backup Windows to. Windows and MAcOS use different Schemas and you’ll probably damage (at least the permissions) your MacOS files you backup to it.
If you only want to use 1 physical drive then partition it in 2 and format one partition for Windows and the other for MacOS.
But, and I strongly recommend this, get a 2nd drive and use it for TimeMachine, I cant count the number of times TM has dug me out of a hole of my own making.


USB drives are dirt cheap now, no reason not to be running TimeMachine. It’s honestly so easy to setup, doesn’t have any of the issues that almost all the windows backup programs have.
I run two separate TimeMachine drives so if one should fail I still have a backup. TimeMachine automatically handles multiple backup volumes by rotating through them. It runs in the background so every hour you know you’re backed up.
I use it all the time to “go back in time” and grab a file or folder that I screwed up.
I’ve also used TimeMachine to do complete Mac restores and works without a hitch.
For offsite backup, I used to rotate one of the TimeMachine volumes (used to use three) and take it with me. It is smart enough to skip a volume in the rotation if it’s not available. Now though I use Backblaze for my offsite just because it’s easier than me remembering to manually rotate drives around.


By the way, if you’re shopping for usb drives, I have found that many times you can get the same drive formatted for windows cheaper than formatted for a Mac.
Get the cheaper windows drive and use Disk Utility to reformat.


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