How can I use Galleries in Blog pages?

Hi there, is it possible or is there an image-gallery stack, which can be used within rapidweaver’s blog pages?

Sorry but no, it is not possible to do this.

zeebe is right, but I think I recall Jon from NimbleHost saying that he is working on this feature in his Armadillo 2…

sigh well then this is my feature request for RW7: Putting Stacks into RW blog pages. This would be great!

Well, with Pluskit you can import stacks on the default blog page, in the sidebar or in those extra content areas that your theme offers. Also it works with individual posts. I use it successfully. Practically it imports pages, not individual stacks, so you need to add the stack alone on a page and then import this page with Pluskit. Not difficult really, you just need to add the text “@import((page_name))” where you want the stack(page) to appear.

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