Blog Plugin in RW8+

Long time user of the built-in RW blog plugin. I know there are plenty of stacks-based alternatives, but this is the path I’ve chosen.

Are there any other blog plugin users that have been able to use the plugin in RW8 without issues? My social image tags and in-post images keep getting deleted after every post. The metadata is still there, but images vanish. It could be RW or it could be PlusKit, but it is 100% unworkable. I basically haven’t been able to publish for weeks. Bug reports have been sent to RW & YourHead, so I know that they’re being addressed.

I’m rolling back to 7.5.5 for the time being. I’m excited for these issues to be fixed and these features to be used, but it’s not usable for me in a production environment right now.

All this to say, if you’ve had no problems, or if you’ve had problems with the blog plugin and found a fix, please let me know.

Not sure if you’re referring to RapidBlog, which was a blog plugin acquired by YourHead but is no longer developed.

A Stacks version called BlogSpot is available and also fabulous.

See Transition from Rapidblog to Blogspot.stack

I use the actual blog page that comes with RW, made by Realmac. I use PlusKit to build in a footer.

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