Stack to Wrap Text around Image?

RW6. Stacks 3.0. Adaptive Grid 3.0.1
Grid cell 1, image.
Grid cell 2, html stack. 7 or 8 paragraphs of text.
I’d like for that cell to wrap around the image (float).
Currently cell 3 begins at the bottom of the page.
Cutting half the text out of cell 2 and pasting it into cell 3 doesn’t work–cell 3 still begins on bottom.
Can someone recommend a stack that will wrap text around an image (float)? I need to have additional text below.
Quick Columns by Stacks4Stacks created multiple columns on the right side of the page under cell 2 running down to the bottom and didn’t wrap text.
I also started from scratch and used the Left Floating Image stack.
Added image to image area.
Added text to text area.
Text did not wrap.
Is the issue image size? What is the recommended image size? I think there’s a setting somewhere to automatically scale images, I have this box selected.

It’s difficult to know quite what you’re trying to do without a page to look at but can’t you just add a standard left Left Floating Image stack into the Adaptive Grid ‘cell’ and do it that way?


No, what I get is an image sitting by itself at the upper left, and a wall of text on the right. The wall of text on the right wouldn’t be so bad if I could bring the Adaptive Grid cell 3 right up underneath cell 1, but it starts parallel to the end of cell 2, so I end up with the image followed by six inches or so (on this laptop screen, at least) of blank space.

The advice given to you by @robbeattie would solve your problem. Use the Left Floating Image stack – and you can even skip the Adaptive Grid stack…

I suspect this stack will meet your needs :

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Try experimenting with the breakpoint on Adaptive Grid until the text wraps round the floating image as it’s supposed to.

Can I use a Google font with any of these methods? I’d like the page to match the rest of the site. I’m using Foundation.

Paragraph Pro from BigWhiteDuck will allow Google fonts with floating text.


Yep, @thang is right - Paragraph Pro is what you need. It supports Google Fonts (screenshot below) and wrapping text around an image. To add an image, click SHOW [to the right of Hide Child Stacks]
Then: click the new blue Plus sign that appears beneath the stack and select Floating Image. A new stack appears for your image (local or warehouse).

Oh, and his price is right - free! But, he always appreciates a cup of coffee. For the amount of work he puts into Rw we should be buying him a coffee plantation.

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