Stackapps - how to update fields

Stackapps is amazing. His tutorial shows a Task page where each record is editable, i.e. anyone having access to the web page could amend it. Is the only way to make this ONLY editable by the owner to actually duplicate the page and password protect it on the server - public see the list but the owner has secret access to amend via the duplicate page where each task is linked?
As you would in WordPress etc.

I’m actually using this as a method of listing books for a client so the public have to then phone to order. 30,000 books, 45 separate pages linked to menu items, would hate to have to have hidden duplicate copies!!

Sure I’m missing the obvious…

You could simply enable the security setting only on the “Edit Task” page (in the demo project). Also delete the “New Task” form on the My Task page.
You may have to modify the Edit Task page to suit.

You can find some guidelines here


Fabulous - I hadn’t found that page, mvb, nor that option, bitbumpy. Off to play now!