Link to make bug requests for Stacks

Does anyone have the link where @isaiah wants us to post about bugs?

My pages are not showing as edited when I change a partial on another page.


I think either a ticket via or, if you’re on slack, he has an active channel there.

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Yeah, there’s a specific link he has that I’m looking for. It’s been posted here before.

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Hi Lisa,

This is a known issue in Stacks 3 when used with RapidWeaver 7.1+.

It’s filed in our bug tracker for you to follow along here:

RW changed the API a bit (In RapidWeaver 7.1) – it made it so that it is no longer possible to mark the other pages as having changes that may need uploading – unless they’ve already been “loaded” (viewed or published).

There is currently no obvious path for me to work around this API change short of a major re-architecture of the way that Partials are stored and accessed.

I plan to make that change for Stacks 4, but unfortunately it will take months. I’m really sorry about this. If there were anything I could do I would. I will definitely type as fast as I can. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Until then my suggested (but very ugly) workaround for users is:

  • After a significant partial change choose Mark All Pages as Changed
  • This will NOT cause all those pages to upload – but will cause RW to export those pages and see if any files on them do need to be uploaded.
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Got it, thanks, @isaiah. That’s the bug link I was looking for. Ignore my comment on Slack.

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