Conditional Field Stack Ideas/Suggestions

Anyone know of a stack (or stack grouping) that can display content conditionally based on a user selection in another field (dropdown for instance). Ideally this conditional stack can take/be assigned a CMS id. Note I have Joe’s total CMS but can’t figure out a way to accomplish this. Here’s an example:

  1. User selects “option one” (with the selection field) from a dropdown - then a separate conditional field displays “Apples.”

  2. User selects “option two” (with same selection dropdown field) - then the same separate conditional field displays “Bananas.”

Further I would like to be able to assign a cms id to the conditional display field that is showing the apples and bananas data.

Any thoughts appreciated.

As a first idea, I was going to suggest Options and QueryDisplay in combination.

You could also use buttons that can generate cookies and conditionally display content using a stack like CookieManager.

But in reflection, I’m not sure either of the above two ideas are going to work with your TotalCMS requirement. It would be hard to edit the content if it’s been set to hidden.

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How many conditions?

Thanks for input @willwood…appreciated. @swilliam good question…I’m envisioning two conditions, that would yield two text strings. So selection one - text string one; selection two - text string two.

if it is like the following Tcms Toggle can do it without modification.

Select A. List A shows up
Select B. List B shows up
The lists can be 1 element or many (up to you) and can be populated by Tcms macros

If you need something more complex, PI can also populate fields based on conditions of other fields. If this is for a form, that would be the way to go.

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Thanks @swilliam I’ll dig into it and see what I can come up with. I wasn’t perfectly clear in my explanation of my needs…but your suggestion gives me a new approach to try.

The Select Show Hide stacks in Total CMS can do logic based on multiple values. Toggle is great but is a simple on/off.

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