Stackapps Inserting instead of updating

So within stackapps form stack I’ve got my textarea for the user to input their desired text and an input that stores the name of the cms it will show up in. currently stackapps only inserts and I cannot get it to update the database. keeps telling me my primary key already exists when the insert button is pressed. Which it should do. The problem I believe lies in the where clause on the form stack, as follows:
I’ve checked that the param is coming through and that the name exists in the database, both are true.
Help would be much appreciated.

hopefully this helps,

I simply copied the pages and stacks from the stackappsdemo.rw6 file available on design disorders website when I set my CMS up.

I then added additional input stacks with the relevant field name.

Here’s some screen shots showing the where statements that work for me.

I sure wish this package was being further developed or purchased by a dev to further develop.

Anyone know where aI can get the 2.5 public beta as the link on the site goes to the old forums and no longer exists…


I really hope this continues

I’m following him on twitter, and he’s a very busy man, and on his stack apps account he made mention of a newer version being worked on but that was last year.

I guess all we can do is show support and send a few messages of appreciation, I’ve sent some money via his paypal link as well

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Thanks @Artisan, donation made and hopeful for it’s future.