Stacks 3 Public Beta

Update: Stacks 3 is out of beta and you can download the release here:

You can also read all about all the features and on this nice blog post:

But we’ve left the Awesome Partials video right where it was. It’s still a great into to partials, so go have a watch:

Partials in Stacks 3


Stacks 3 is awesome. If you’re using Stacks 2 you need to check out the new version, you’re going to be blown away.

@isaiah has done an amazing job on it :beers:


I’m loving the new update @isaiah has worked his magic once again. Worth the upgrade fee for Partials alone without any of the other amazing features.

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I remember when it used to be a chore designing beautiful websites! There is a lot of new power in this update.


I agree - Stacks changed the way I do everything in Rapidweaver and I’ve been looking forward to this update for a long time.
I’m blown away by the added features this has - and Partials alone is a game changer for my work flow.
I also love the clean lines and overall design :grinning:

Seriously - worth every penny and more!

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Stacks 3 is an incredible update. Isaiah obviously spent a lot of time considering the user’s experience and interaction with the plugin. It offers so many options for customizing the UI, and for organizing our ever-growing stacks library.

It goes without saying that the Partials feature is killer – it’s a huge time saver that will certainly become part of most user’s workflows. Check out Isaiah’s video on Partials if you don’t know what that’s all about. I’ve also put together a 15-minute video of the new features in Stacks 3 for anyone who is interested: – a 2+ hour series of in-depth training will be posted to RapidWeaver Classroom in the coming days.

Thank you Isaiah for the hours/days/weeks/months that you poured into this update! Fellow Weavers, if there is any reason you are not already using Stacks, now is the time to start!



Odd question, for which I apologize: in Isaiah’s tutorial, which Theme is being used, please?

And, Thanks for Stacks 3, Isaiah!

Partials is going to get a lot of use on my web-site. It seems to be an alternative way of doing a Global Content.

@ryanbsmith: Thanks for putting together the intro video and the more extended ones!

It’s called Reason by Nick Cates. It’s a nice one. Very simple. It’s one of the built in themes. I think I just selected a few colors to make it show up nice in the video – but nothing custom was used and there is no extra CSS or anything – everything straight from the tin. :wink:


Yes - got it. Thanks, Isaiah!

The wait was worth it. Thanks for dedicating a year+ to this update. A lot of people will reap what you’ve just sown in endless projects for themselves and make $$ from clients.

Stacks 3 changes lives people!


Well said Michael, well said! :thumbsup:

Incredible feature updates, beautiful intuitive design … I’m blown away !!
Thanks so much @isaiah

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Seems great, as it usually happens with things from Isaiah. Don’t have time to betatest it now, but I will surely upgrade to 3 as soon as it will be released. Many thanks


Stacks 3 is stable and fast. I’m using it every day now and it’s working great. I liked Stacks 2 as well but this upgrade feels more polished and the new interface is very slick.

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I thought that it was mass hysteria, but Stacks 3 really is that good.


Now, with Stacks 3, I have no longer a real icon in my project window.
It’s only a Stack Icon, armadillo, Foundation.Tests …

@oscar : This is one of those rare times I get to use that famous developer phrase, “That’s a feature not a bug,” and really mean it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Previews are great. And a lot of people love them. But saving previews can be very very very slow – especially for complex projects. This is why both Stacks and RapidWeaver now come with options to disable previews.

We decided to turn it off by default (at least for a while). We wanted to people to experience how fast Stacks 3 can be and then make the choice to enable that feature with open eyes.


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