Stacks 3.5 -- A Huge Free API Leap Forward

Stacks 3.5 – a free update that with the next quantum leap in the Stacks API.

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More Details:

Release notes

All the detailed release notes:

About betas

Stacks v3.5.0 and Stacks v3.5-beta-23 are identical. Only the version number is different. If you’re using the beta there’s no need to download this release.

If you have the beta version installed, you’ll continue to get beta updates. If you have the release version installed, you’ll continue to get release versions.

Want to join in the betas? Jump over to our Slack channel: We’re always testing the bleeding edge new goodies. hint-hint: four point oh em gee :open_mouth:

About new features

Stacks 3.5.0 is all about the API (read about it in the blog post). We did the same with v1.5 and v2.5: hold the features mostly steady while moving the API forward with a free update. This lets the developers quickly start using the new API features — and all users can get the benefits. But don’t worry — we’re hard at work at all those feature requests too. Please keep them coming!

Getting help

Need help installing? Having difficulty with the update? The place to go is YourHead Support.

Can we ask a favor? If you’re a RapidWeaver pro user, and you see other Stacks users struggling, can you help folks in need find this link: YourHead Support Thanks!

Bug reports and everything else

Have a bug report? Or a feature request? Just want to say, “Hi!”. Just give us a shout, or tweet, or mention, or…

A big thanks

This release is a huge collaboration between all the stack developers. They all come together, behind the scenes, to quietly test all these changes (sometimes for months!!!) before they see the light of day. Please do me a favor and pass on that gratitude for their hard work. We couldn’t do this without them.


woohoo! thanks @isaiah, can’t wait to check it out.

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Sounds great. Thank you for the free update. :slight_smile:

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I like the ‘Huge Fee’! Thanks for the update.


Great work, as always, Isaiah!


I like the ‘Huge Fee’! Thanks for the update.

OMG! Worst typo ever!!!

Embarrassing – and fixed – hopefully people don’t think I’m actually charging a huge fee.


@isaiah Thanks! Stacks makes all the difference in the world. These updates only make an already great product even greater.


Any huge leap forward for Stacks, is a huge leap forward for RapidWeaver.


Thanks everyone! You’re the best.

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@isaiah and everyone - anyone noticing any issue when publishing? I updated (Thank you Isaiah!) and all of a sudden my publishing is uploading over 2000 files and it was only 20 before. My max file publishing size before was only 648 files (375 photos that I can’t seem to get warehoused).

To be fair, I did implement Grid Iron 3 and a .csv file, but even without making any more changes on that page, it is again uploading over 2000 files.



A quick follow-up - I don’t see many of the files on the server that are being uploaded. Could they be part of Grid Iron? @barchard

2nd Follow-up - okay, I found the files being uploaded and they are part of Grid Iron. @barchard - Is there any way to not upload them if there is no change on the page?

Grid iron uploads a huge amount of files, just say’n

The files uploaded are controlled by Stacks and RW. You can simply mark the page as unchanged. Please see:

@swilliam yes it’s a powerful Stack with a lot of resources that are required. the good news is is that these resources are shared throughout the page. You can have 10 (or more) tables on the site and they’ll all share the same set of resources. :slight_smile:


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@barchard Greg - I am aware of that but I don’t think I had it as changed. I’ll keep an eye on it and if it is still an issue, start a new conversation. Like the rest of the update!

@swilliam - Scott - thanks for the confirmation.


I’m noticing a change… when I place an image stack, put an image in it and double click it, I specify the name and Alt tag. If I make a change to the image, and drop the revised image over top of it, it used to just replace the image and keep all my options intact. Now every time I do this it wipes out the image name and Alt tag and I have to retype it in.

That’s an interesting observation. I can’t remember why this change was made – or even if it was intentional. I’ve filed it as a bug to fix – or at least clarify the change. If you’d like you can watch this bug in the bug reporter and follow along to make sure you know when it gets fixed. Feel free to add any other info that you think I missed.

Thanks!! I’m in the middle of revamping our company site now that I just got the bosses to purchase Stacks 3. I’m having to rethink of lot of stuff with mobile devices in mind so I keep changing graphics. Not having it keep my settings is wasting a bit of time!

I found another error… when expanding the padding options, the labels under the boxes are missing (Top Bottom Left Right).

That’s been going on for the last few versions for me. It happens sometimes (on any stack), and mostly the padding and margins, but sometimes other areas as well. Not sure what @isaiah thinks…

Isaiah is a busy guy, please try to respect his wishes about bug reports (from earlier in this thread):