Stacks 3.5 -- So Much Good Stuff

So many new things. So many fixes. So much new API for developers.
Very soon update. Very free update.

Check out the change-list:

That’s a lot of updates! Seriously, my fingers kind of hurt just looking it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks awesome forum folks for supporting Stacks and YourHead software all these years. We couldn’t do it without you!!!

I sure hope you enjoy this update – and all the cool stacks that the developers build with the new API – we sure had fun building it for you.

We have a tiny bit more testing to do… but any minute now… watch for it


On the edge of my seat… bated breath, etc. Seriously. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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Great news Isaiah, looking forward to this

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I always wonder: where would Rapid Weaver be without Isaiah and Stacks?… :wink:


languishing with other sadly outdated web design programs. Stacks was a game changer.


And still is! :+1::grinning::tada:


Stacks is awesome can’t imagine building a website without it.