Stacks 3.6.1 build 4160

(Gerardo) #1

Every time I open RW says that there are add-on updates available, Stacks 3.6.1 build 4160. I update, restart and the add on update is there again, over and over. Something is wrong.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Get the addon from the Yourhead site:

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

In that case, the best is to

The update message should disappear then.

(Gerardo) #4

Already did that and the problem still persist. It is a Setapp version, maybe this helps.

(Rob D) #5

How did you install Stacks? The fool-proof method is dragging the uncompressed copy of your downloaded add-on to the RapidWeaver’s icon in the dock (presuming that this is the version of RW that you currently use). This is true for Stacks, stacks, plugins and themes.

(Gerardo) #6

I installed it exactly as you say.

(scott williams) #7

Maybe @isaiah can share some wisdom on this

(Isaiah Carew) #8

The plugin updater is part of RapidWeaver, so usually** we need to ask @simon and @tpbradley about the tech details. When it’s a stack update I’m your guy! :slight_smile:

Since this is a common misunderstanding, I do hear about a lot of updater issues (and that’s OK, I don’t mind :smiley: ). I don’t know why they happen, but I can give you some ideas of what triggers these bugs and what you can do to work around them:

  • Open the Addons Folder
    Hold down the Option key and chose Reveal Addons Folder from the View menu.

  • Look for anything out of order. Things like:

    • Multiple copies of Stacks
    • Oddly named copies of Stacks
    • Anything else strange
  • Fix any problems you find

    • Remove all but one copy of Stacks
    • Make sure it’s named Stacks.rapidweaverplugin
  • If you can’t find anything to fix, then re-installing Stacks:

    • Remove all the copies of Stacks that are in the Addons folder
    • Download a fresh copy from
    • Unzip the newly downloaded copy (double click the zip file)
    • Drag the new copy into the Addons Folder

Warning: You should not assume that you know where the Addons Folder is. Each different version of RapidWeaver stores addons in a different location. Always use the Reveal Addons Folder menu command to make sure that you find and open the Addons Folder that is being actively used right now.

** Although mostly plugin update issues have to do with the plugin updater inside of RapidWeaver, there are definitely exceptions: recently there was a problem with my web server that hosts the updates, it went bonkers and needed a reboot – it caused all updates to fail for about 8 hours. But in that case every Stacks user saw the error – so we got A LOT of email to let us know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but the takeaway… it never hurts to put me on the cc list, just in case.

(Gerardo) #9

You are the Guru Isaiah!!! Now everything is perfect. I had multiple copies of the plugin.

Thank you Scott for suggesting Isaiah to help with this problem.

All the best,


(system) #10

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