Failed add-on Updates

I have this issue with an update plugin.
Does anyone can help me?

You could always just download it manually and install it again…

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  1. You should report this bug to folks at Realmac Software and see if they can help with the installation issues.

  2. I would recommend opening your Addons folder and taking a look at the plugins that are there. Sometimes the RapidWeaver installer can get confused when there are multiple copies of a plugin or other strange issues.

You can open your addons folder by holding down the Option (or Alt) key and choosing Reveal Addons Folder from the View menu.

But I would also recommend doing as @joeworkman suggests: download a fresh copy from the Stacks website:

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I am getting the exact same failure. It is the first time an update has not worked for me.

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I just tried the manual download and install. It worked.

Same here. Same message. First time ever.

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Also noticed the info link in the update window to the release notes goes to a 404 page.

as info only… I received the error upon attempt to install. I have not tried other alternative install methods yet. This is the first time a stacks update has not worked for me.

Update: I merely downloaded from the website and dropped latest version in my RW folder. Worked fine.

Yes, same error message. Downloaded stacks again and all seems fine.

Thank you very very much!!!

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It’s all good now for me.

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This one is definitely on me. I’m still not sure quite what went wrong – but we’re going to pay close attention to the next update to make sure it goes more smoothly.

Thanks everyone for reporting


Thanks to you, Isaiah: surely a first :slight_smile:.

Good luck!

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