Stacks 3 and rarely used stacks

Why in the third version there is no possibility to turn off the directory stack by author, as it was in the second version? If any stacks are rarely used, then how to hide them for a while?
Sorry if similar asked.

There are lots of different options for sorting and organizing the Stacks library in Stacks 3.

You can also change the size of the icons, whether “hidden” items are shown (sometimes older stacks that are included in bundles are hidden), or sort them by tag, title, or author.

There are more preferences in the Stacks preferences window that allows you to choose which sorts of items appear in which lists (e.g. you can disable images from cluttering up the main list if you have a lot).

You cannot “hide” stacks from the main stacks library (other than uninstalling them) but you can create your own groups with a smaller set of items.

Select some stacks
Right-Click (or Control-Click) on them
Choose Add to Group > Create New Group (see screenshot)

Now you have your own private group of stacks useful just for your specific projects. Nice!!!

also worth mentioning: there are ways to change how the library sidebar looks as a whole:

Thank you for reply, but it’s not what need. I agree, Stacks 3 appeared various kinds of sorting, but in Stacks 2 you can just collapse the list stacks the author by clicking on the triangle to the left of the name of the group name.

I understand. It’s different. And the old way suited some better.
Sometimes changes I make to software aren’t super for every user. I apologize for that. However I do think the new features are a radical improvement for most users – as the default behavior is fast and efficient – and it is vastly more customizable.

But… I hear you… And I’ve added the suggestion to my feature list – perhaps there’s a way to incorporate discloser triangles into the new library too.


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Thank you! Sometimes, some developers are adding something new, but remove good and useful functions from the programs or system.