Stacks library preferences issue

Hi Everyone - A simple question - I’m diving more deeply into all of this and while playing with the stacks library preferences, I noticed there seems to be a way to toggle certain things on and off. This is where it says "Show Library Groups’. I would love to be able to turn off templates. When I click on the check box to do so, the template icon gets removed from the sidebar, but the templates are still visible in the library. Is that how it’s supposed to work or is this a bug? I would love to get them out of the way at times, as I have a lot of them.

Thanks in advance!

If I understand properly what you want to achieve, I think there is no way to do that currently. If I’m wrong, please, correct me, anybody…

Hi Rob, thanks for responding. I went ahead and sent an email to Isaiah and he said I found a bug. I’m so proud of myself! :slight_smile: I think I did resolve it however. I find that if I have these items checked in the library groups but leave them unchecked in the ‘top stack group’ (I can’t even tell what that means) that they all disappear from my stack list but I can quickly pull them up from the sidebar listing of standard and custom folders. That’s basically what I was hoping to do, just couldn’t figure out how. Currently wading through a billion stack to find my favorites, so getting rid of all the clutter from images and templates is helpful. I’m better at buying stacks than using them!

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