Bug fix update Stacks v3.0.1

There are always a few bugs that sneak by a major release. If you weren’t experiencing either of these bugs, then this update probably won’t look very different. It fixes the two critical bugs that slipped through: Pluskit importing of a Stacks page to another Stacks page and reading of very old RapidWeaver 4 & 5 files saved with Stacks v1.

You should get it via automatic update the next time you use RapidWeaver.

Or you can download it directly from:

You can read the release notes here:


Amazing work @Isaiah
I cannot believe the energy and commitment you are putting into this! Just incredible.

Stacks3 is simply the best thing to ever happen with Rapidweaver folks. You have to use it to believe it, so if you haven’t already…go get your copy and see what all the fuss is about. It’s worth the asking price for partials alone!


@kryten - thanks for the kind words. i must admit i have been burning the candle a bit at both ends for this big release. but it seems to have paid off – people really seem to love it – which is great news for YourHead.

as a reward i’m going to try hard to take a good solid sunday off this weekend – first time in a very long time. – ok, ok – maybe i’ll check email a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Isaiah,

for this update. The Pluskit problems seems to be gone. I already like partials and the new layout.
Thanks a lot and keep up the incredible work!

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