Stacks4stack video player

I am experiencing a problem in getting the Stacks4Stacks Player to run correctly on the site I am working on. Not sure if the link to the video page is set correctly. Using a link from dropbox to warehouse the video. Can someone with more RapidWeaver experience please take a look at the site and let me know where I am missing getting the link to the video to work?

Here is the site:

Try removing “?dl=0” from the end of the link

The video file must always end in a .mp4 file extension. Anything else like “m4v” or “?dl=0” simply will not work.

But don’t waste your time any more with trying to host files on Dropbox. In a month from now, they are killing support for public folders and hotlinked files. You should have got an email already about these changes and their knowledgebase carries more information about the change. After 15th March it will be impossible to use any Dropbox hosted content in your websites. The smarter thing to do now would be to host the files from a directory on your own website or put them in the cloud with Amazon S3 or similar.


Thanks Will, I will somwhere else in the cloud.

Thanks Will & Dave,

I will “place” them somewhere else in the cloud.