Video resources not working after being published?

I have added some mp4 videos to my page using resources. I put a photo on the actual page then made that photo a link to the video resource. When the link is clicked in preview everything looks great, but after publishing the link just brings me to a bunch of nonsense like this:
PžÈ¹^&gÓ¯mB=±Ûºc Ú§y2üW[äXw Aºã2üÔ,/j¨Øà]0œ¿³õ9˜Wžu'Þéh–÷úµ±"Y™è†µ(ݘ=Mmõñ„ùa!ËtŸuŸÀT¶to¨Å ˜× Ùcü¢ñ2±ÍˆfYœÌ7Ü =Áø¹&àë(ªð{ð(3¢e,É·=ëçfå§Æí &d©ØòàöK8Ê‘Js?ý6f ‡ví®·¸®NÇ¡Ž–|!„Y¾ªî‘þÍ…½HM^+i»2açe´:Ôn[üV·!\,1á6‚Šb±(™«WÀ´±XÍ¥oÉh16vG·ei|þÛqåúŸßq¼Àúõ§Ë {/”J†ßE5¡^¡Æjfç o1Èc]WZøÎμ\xÆιbc™F@²¢Êy¤75û‚ª?þÄØÍÈ€-¢Ý=c„LT½&®0þfB6xqRWŠY=Л6±“p¬]]âkÀ<Òðç{ @µ{بÖVÜg‚t¦tºÖ‰¥ûÏÚM–Y

Any idea what could be going wrong?

Consider a different approach rather than using Resources. Do you use/have Stacks3 plugin? And do you know/use FTP?

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It’s hard to trouble shoot a problem without seeing the page. Can you post the URL?


I have Filezilla for an FTP… if that’s what you mean? I don’t have any stacks plugins. Just Rapidweaver 7 as it came.

Thanks David. Good point :slight_smile:
Here is the page the video links are on

Click either video and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t use “RW Resources” at all. There are better alternatives (opinion) but if you want to do Resources I found this:

One good (and better) alternative is to setup a Vimeo account, upload your video to it, and then embed it into your RW site. Doing this will ensure best encoding and everything for the video and give you best quality at low size.

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You need to use some code to embed a video. If you just link to the video file from resources, it will not open the video in a player, and will only show the encrypted code of the video file, which is what is happening on your page.

Here is a link to a previous post with the necessary code:

Note that the video file name should not have any spaces. Click on the video in Resources and “Copy Macro”. Then replace the existing macro in the example above with what you just copied. Probably you will want to change the dimensions in the code to the dimensions of your video.

You can also put in a “Poster Frame” which is a still image from the video which will display before the user clicks on “play”. Oscar, who originally posted the embed code, mentioned that sometimes in iOS the video does not display and you only see a "play’ arrow sort of thing. For this drag a jpg or png image into Resources and copy the macro, and paste it in this part of the embed code:


But I do agee with @1611mac Greg - you will have better playback results by using Vimeo or Youtube and using their embed code.

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Thanks so much! I am a super newbie at this so I definitely need all the help I can get.

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