Stacks 3 with RW 6.3.3: Page Doesn't Post As Created in RW

I don’t know if this is a Stacks or RW problem or both. Margins and padding are not working. I’ve refreshed the view in FireFox. Deleted my history. Deleted my cache. Republished my site. And nothing changes it.

Is there a problem with too many components used on one page?

I wonder if this problem is linked to one I wrote about in regards to a resource file for RW.

Both problems occur on the same page.

Here’s what I want on the page:

And here’s what shows on the website:

The resource file shows a book without a spine and blue outline. Plus there’s no space between the video and the words below it.

Well, as per usual, I solved my own problem. The page in question had been redone twice. This time I decided to completely redo the page down to every detail including typing the words in rather than pasting them onto the page.

Before I started anything though, I went into CyberDuck and removed every image of the “old” picture at the bottom of the webpage.

Success! The page looks correct…and works right. Finally. :joy: