Stacks not showing up


I’m using RW8 with Michael David Design. I created a contact page using Stacks 3 with an “Elixir Graphics” Columns. Inside the Columns stack, I placed a “SuperForms” stack in one column and in the other I placed regular text for the company info and below that “OpenStreetMap” from “InStacks Software”.

In RW Simulator, everything appears as it should.
After publishing, the page is missing SuperForms and OpenStreetMap. The text shows up, but doesn’t look like it’s contained in the columns.

I have screenshots if you need. But here is the web address:

ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Art

One thing right off the bat, you have mixed content (google fonts) on the page. The Kinfolk theme might be out of date. You’ll have to check with Michael David Design.

I’m not seeing anything on the contact page for OpenStreetMap or SuperForms (meta tags). I do see the structure meta tag (Elixir column):

You originally published the page without the form. When you added the form, it required PHP, so RW helpfully changed the file name from index.html to index.php. RW does not delete any files from your web server, so you have both an index.html and index.php in the “page-6” folder. Web servers will by default serve HTML files over PHP unless told otherwise, when you have both index.html and index.php files in a folder.

You will need to delete the html version from the “page-6” folder using an FTP app or a file manager in your web server control panel.

You should also rename your page folders from names like “page-6” to something like “contact-us”, in this case. Do not use spaces or special characters in the folder name. You can make this change in the General settings of the right-hand inspector.

Absolutely Brilliant. Thank you so much!!! I’m also updating the “page” issues as well.

…and yes, it did work!