Preview incomplete RW 7.5.2

Opened a RW6/Stacks2 site in RW7/Stacks3.
Various image stacks and the logo image show as a “?” in preview mode.
I exported the site to a folder and opened the index.html file and everything shows up.
What could be wrong here?

I would add that the missing items appear in edit mode.

The symptom of having some broken resource links (like images) has a lot of potential causes.

  • moved resources
  • corrupted file
  • uninstalled stacks
  • links to missing warehoused images
  • something else on the page is mangling the page so badly that other things (like images) are failing to load.
  • (given time i think i could double the length of this list)

It’s probably worth your time to investigate one of the images. Check and see if it was referencing something and if that something is still where it should be.

if it’s not obvious, then i think it would be best to send it directly to the developer in question…

  • if the images are plain vanilla image stacks, then you should send me the file (along with your addons folder so i can see all the rest of everything). i would recommend seeing the RW6 version too – just in case something went wrong during that transition. just zip up those files, along with your addons folder, and send it over to

  • if it’s not a plain vanilla image stack, but instead some 3rd party variant – it might be faster to go directly to that developer and send him the offending files.

With the files in hand we’ll be able to give you a much more precise idea of what is the matter and hopefully how to move forward.


Thanks for the reply.
There are no warehoused images.
The stacks are only Fluid image and Cycler.
In addition, when I open the project, select the home page, then click preview, for a split second see the images in place.

I have sent you a link to files.

Now I am thinking it might have something to do with the Midnight theme.

When I open the other very large RW6 site that I manage in RW7, there is no preview issue.
Further, when changing themes in the problem site, preview is working. Switching back to the Midnight theme causes the preview issue again.