Page not showing after publishing with new stack

Hello everybody,

I am using RW8 with Foundation.
I have just published my page with the new and shining Checkout stack by @yuzool. The checkout stack is inside a Reveal Box, so that when customers click the button BUY NOW, the stack pop-up nicely.
The page’s link is this:
It looks like it is not loading it for some reason. My gut feeling is telling me it is something to do with the Checkout stack, as this page was showing before that. Maybe there are some issues with Stripe…but I followed all the steps when signing up with it and the process of registration went through rather smooth.

Another little hint that can help us to find out what’s happening is that inside RW when I preview to browser I get this message:

Any help with this will be super helpful guys.

Thanks a lot.

Is your server running the latest version of PHP? It’s 7.2 I believe. You can check in the web server’s COntrol Panel.



Hello and thanks for your reply.

I understood what was the issue. Basically I can’t have two Checkout stacks in one page with Stripe and Paypal together, so I need to build two separate subpages. Unfortunately I can’t use the Reveal box although it was such a simple solution; it allows me to have just one per page.

Thanks anyway.


Nice pricing tables solution there @Adri12 :slight_smile:


Thanks ! :blush:

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