Stacks a little intimidating ! YIKES!

So many things to look for… Is there any logic I could use, to find an Alphabet menu stack ?

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ . where when you click on the letter “B” it will take you to the the page with all Artists that begin with the Letter B…

I don’t think that there is a stack that does this. It’s easy enough to manually create though. Simply link the individual letters to the corresponding page.

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Start small. A B C only. (the end!)
Learn to link each separate letter to a new page.
Then you decide how to go from there…

I would also think about usability. You can definitely make something like that work and it might work OK on a desktop or a tablet but what about a phone? Will a user be able to easily navigate and find what they are looking for? 26 individual letters would have to be spaced correctly (as to be easily touched), that might mean scrolling on a phone.

Depending on the number of items being scrolled through that might make it had to navigate. Might want to consider adding a search function.

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I would make is grouped…A-C, D-G, etc…and make it a dropdown or a accordion.
KISS rule!!

Look at this…if you like it…I will send you the project.


On a smaller scale you could use Doobox’s Hunter 3 stack - 1 little designer’s Filter Grid. I have a large, albeit simple, installation of this stack to search for gate engineers A-Z.

I simplified this because it was getting very large and slow to edit. For each letter there is a single text stack with a lot of entries. However for something smaller you could give each Artist a nicely laid out stack with photos, links etc. Any size will work fine when published but the editing may slow down after a hundred or so.

@manofdogz . This looks promising ! Seems to be what I am looking for . Thanks I will look into it

Is this it ?

Yes, that’s Hunter 3

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