What's the best index stack?

I’m looking for a stack that will index the pages inside a folder. You should be able to choose these things as a minimum:

  1. How much of each page is displayed in the index, from just the title to the title and a bit of text, to the title and title image and some text to the whole page.

  2. How the pages are sorted in the index: chronological, reverse chronological, alphabetical, or custom.

  3. How many of the pages are included in the index. There might be 30 in the folder, but you only want to display the top 10, with the others being accessible using something like Stacks4Stacks JumpStack.

  4. I build on Foundation 6, so it must be Foundation-friendly.

I don’t think such a stack exists.

You can do this but with various blog posting stacks but I don’t remember coming across anything that fits what you are after for actual pages on your site.

This may be the sort of thing you have to manually curate or custom code.

This might be a starting point:


Live Search from 1LD and Indexer that Jan @Fuellemann mentioned are the only two searching stacks I know of.


Is there a manual for how to build an add-on for Stacks? I’m not much of a coder, but what I’m looking for is so simple I might could do it. Basically, it’s “here’s what’s in this folder,” and it would have a choice (to the builder, not the user) of how to view those items, from just the title to the entire item.

Thanks! I have Indexer, and have been working to figure out if it can do what I need. It’s more of a live search where a user can search for whatever they like, whereas I’m just trying to display what’s in a particular folder/directory.


I believe @joeworkman did one of his weekly videos on how to build a stack. I didn’t watch it so I don’t know how much it would help, but it would be a starting point.

There’s several filter stacks out that kinda do what you describe. Unfortunately, all the ones I’m aware of I think only work on a single page, not a directory of pages.

Could you consider maybe a summary page that would have the filter/sorting feature with links to the sub-pages?

Something like Filter - FAQ from @yabdab might work for something like that.

You said “I’m not much of a coder”, and I think being able to read and index an entire directory of page’s isn’t going to be “simple”.

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In addition to Joe’s live stream there is also a paid build a stack course from Shaking the Habitual’s academy
It’s not going to directly address what you need but may help.

Also worth having a look at Stacks4stacks Builder stack (free donations welcome) which might make it easier to create what you need.

I agree with @teefers that it’s not going to be as simple as you may think. You might get lucky having a look on Github or find a script for sale that will do it.

One other thought, I don’t know if you could get a search query for Indexer or Live Search on page load and display these results in a side bar or similar?

I know you can add custom search elements to both these stacks. Your sort buttons could just trigger different searches of these custom elements.

If all you want to do is help readers find content, it’s easy enough to set up a bespoke web search through Google. Algolia.com is another solution.

If you have a folder of html files (or better yet, Markdown) consider a program like mdbook (free). You can call mdbook from within RW, but it is created separately. You will get a table of contents for your files–as detailed as you want it to be–along with a general search function that lets you search the content within the folder.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, especially if you don’t know Markdown (come to think of it, could you use a Markdown stack to generate Markdown? I don’t know). You will be left with a folder full of html documents which you can then upload and link to from within RW.

As to your #1, I don’t think you can squeeze an image into a title name, but you can display the title as text for each page. #2: it’s a full text search; how you arrange the pages is up to you. #3: All of them; or at least, all the ones you wish to include. You will create the ToC in Markdown, if you don’t want a page to be included, it won’t be. I think the mdbook processor skips pages that are not included in the ToC, but I’m not sure about that. #4: this is not a stack but it is Markdown and html. Ultimately the web is html so you shouldn’t be put off by this.

I think RW users (myself included) always look to Stacks for web page creation. There’s a lot of other useful tools out there that can be integrated with your RW-created sites.

Note: mdbook is free open source software; written in Rust. There’s a bit of a learning curve (no spaces in file names!) but not much. I have no relationship with the developer. And yes, I’d like to see improvements (a graphic interface would be nice; an easier way to update or add individual pages would be nice). Also, one plus is that you can export the whole directory to epub, which is something RW never figured out how to do (why??).

If you DM me I can send the key to enter the project so you see what I put together using RW and mdbook. There’s proprietary information otherwise I’d just post it here.

Finally, I didn’t even know mdbook had a search function. A ToC and a search function is a pretty good replacement for a real index, which so far lives in the analog world.

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Tried the demo. No way that it can find the sitemap.xml to create the Database, either in the local folder or on the web site. What can I do?

Then it says: :heavy_check_mark: Your search database is now ready
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How about Rapidsearch? It’s still around and rocking.

Yes: I have downloaded it yesterday, will check it today. Many thanks

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