Alphabetical Resource List Page

I am looking to create a page that has a long list of resources that will be linked and listed alphabetically. I know I can use “Linked List” with Foundry, but I also wanted to see if there are other options that people believe look or operate better. Thanks!

There are a few ways to do this. About how many resources would you have? A solution for 20 resources might be different than for 200 or 2,000.

Probably around 50

@Rapidweaver One way to do this is a combo of markdown and Stacks4Stacks Jump stack.

In markdown just use headers for the specific letters of the alphabet you need. If the top of your page is an H1, then using H2 or H3 (a little smaller) will work well for the letters. Underneath each header add an ordered or unordered list of markdown links. A markdown link is very simple:

[linkable text](url to relevant page)

All this can be done with one markdown stack. And, better, you don’t need to create the document in RW (which is terrible for text editing) but you can create/maintain in your favorite markdown editor, then copy/paste to this one stack.

As for navigating all this … there may be more than 1 solution, but the simplest that comes to mind is the Jump stack. With this stack you will put your markdown stack inside of a Jump stack container. Specify what Headers you want to show in a table of contents. So if the letters are all H3s, then specify to only show H3s. Jump provides a bit of code that you can place anywhere on your page and gives a scrollable table of contents. You can put this under your H1at the top of the markdown stack, or put in another stack. Since there’s 26 letters (probably less) used you might want this ToC to flow across a few columns. There are a few column stacks that will let you flow acroos columns as needed. I think DooBox makes one, I think Joe Workman makes one.

… or you can have a 2 column page layout where your content is in one column, and use something like Joe’s Glider stack (with the ToC snippet). This will allow people to easily click and go to “H” for example, but the Glider will allow that ToC to also scroll down also to the H. So it’s always at hand.

Hopefully this provides some ideas. More about Jump is here:

There may be other ways to do this … but the setup I’m describing is simple to set up and simple to maintain.

Thanks for the feedback. Not complaining, but for me, that sounds extremely complicated to create a resource list. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond. Any other thoughts are appreciated.

If you are not familiar with markdown then perhaps it’s too complicated. But it’s definitely worth learning markdown for many reasons. Here’s a mock up of a reference list using markdown plus the Gutenburg stack (RW Extras). Also an example of a partial reference list using just markdown. Both examples took me a total of 15 minutes to create (just saying it won’t take long).

and simpler example:

Short Update … unfortunately it seems the Gutenburg stack (originally by RW Extras) is no longer offered. @willwood can you confirm/correct if this stack is still available?

However, I can get same result with Tabloid stack by Doobox. More here:

I thought Joe Workman’s Columnist stack would also do this, but apparently it will not accept markdown. (As far as I can tell.)

You don’t say if these linked pages are on your site or not. If on your site, SiteMap by YourHead will do this. It can create Alphabetical link lists. But it’s a plugin and not a stack. Not a good option if you are using Stacks pages or if this is just a one time deal.

However, if you are the adventurous type:
I used SiteMap Alphabetical option to create a “Reports” Alphabetical list (1136pages, thus 1136 links) and then I copied the appropriate html into a Stacks html stack and set css as needed for layout and design. After that initial set I now maintain the “Report Alphabetical List” manually as I add new reports. (about 4 a week) That’s an easy way to do a one time capture of hundreds of links to make link lists.