Stacks beta with Big Sur support

I don’t usually post about betas on the forum, but a new Stacks beta was released today that might be interesting to a few people here.

Big Sur Support

Stacks v4.1.0 beta 18 added Big Sur support. If you’re running Big Sur and you want to try out the Stacks beta then you should head over to our Slack channel. Stacks betas are public, but they’re only released and discussed on the Slack channel.

Stacks Slack Channel

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Beta releases always have a few bugs so please make sure you have a good backup of your project files before trying it out.

Want More Nerdy Details? :nerd_face:

If you’d like to see what we’ve been working on in Stacks v4.1 you can check out our latest release notes here.

And… clicking on any of the fixed bugs will link directly to our public bug tracker so you can read even more detail

Release Notes: Stacks v4.1.0 beta 18

Find a Bug?

There will be bugs. If you find one, please report it. That’s how bugs get fixed. The more details you provide in the report, the more likely a bug will get fixed soon.

Stacks Bug Reporter:

See all open Stacks v4.1 bugs: Stacks Bugs
Report a new Stacks v4.1 Bug: New Bug
You’ll need to sign up for a free GitLab account to see the bug-list or file a new bug.

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