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Hi everyone,
I’m running the Big Sur beta, RW 8 and Stacks 3. I just noticed one UI problem so far - in the Stacks responsive section, the 3 buttons (mobile, tablet, desktop) all look the same no matter their state. The only way to figure out what’s enabled is to preview the site first.

My question is - anyone testing Big Sur but has Stacks 4? Does the same problem happen there? If it works properly with Stacks 4 I should finally get the upgrade I guess. Thanks!

Forgot there was a demo… anyway it’s still a problem in Stacks 4 so maybe it’s a problem with RW8 and Big Sur.

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I don’t usually comment on beta stuff in the forum. Beta bugs are transient and get fixed in days or weeks, but forum posts last for years in google search hits – and these posts end up confusing a lot of future users looking for solutions.

I do however chat on Slack about beta stuff. Slack chats don’t show up in google searches – so it’s perfect for talking about stuff that’s probably going to change in a few weeks.

My Slack channel is public and free. Feel free to drop in and say hi:

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As Big Sur gets closer to release date (usually this comes in late Oct or Nov – but it varies a lot) I’ll make sure Stacks is ready. Getting things compiled native for “Apple Silicon” may take a bit longer – but I’m working on that too. :nerd_face:

Until then I’d encourage you to submit bug reports either with Apple’s Feedback Assistant (if it looks like an Apple bug) or to the Stacks public bug tracker:


Thanks Isaiah.

We have RapidWeaver 9 running under Big Sur on Apple Silicon. We hope to ship it around the same time Big Sur launches. But, as @Isaiah said, things tend to get get fixed and things tend to break with betas.

We’re working as hard as we can to make sure our users can continue to Weave when the GM of Big Sur drops later this year.

FYI: In my testing RW8 was working okay with dev builds, but I haven’t tested it yet with the public beta as Apple have just dropped that today -

Going to install it now and see how things are looking…


Great news! Where can we see which new features made it into RW9 for release?

It’s still being worked on, so the feature set is not finalised yet.

What I can say is that RW9 will not contain massive new features as a lot of the work has been under the hood in getting it to run on Apple Silicon, plus a lot of other work on the user interface to make it fit in with Apple’s new design language in Big Sur.

Having said that there will be plenty of nifty little new features to help in day-to-day use. Ground-breaking new features will come later.



@dan I have to ask…why did you ask for user feature requests? Seriously. Seems like a silly move to build up expectations only to have them dashed with RealMac not delivering.


Running with the latest OS and the apparently not-so-small changes in this OS as well as bug fixes is really ok with me for RW9.0.x. The list for features does not mean they have to come in the first release but in the RW9 roadmap, if possible. So its not like crushing any hopes here :slight_smile:

Things change, and things always take longer than anticipated. RapidWeaver is a complex application and takes time to develop. We have had to push back some of the bigger changes due to all the work required for Apple Silicon and Big Sur. These things are out of our control.

RapidWeaver is in constant development, and while RW9 won’t be as big of a release as we wanted (in terms of big fancy features), it will still be a great release, and there’s plenty more to come!


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