Stacks 4 Beta Download

First a bit of a warning:
This is a real beta test. You will see real bugs. You may see real crashes. It may eat your file. As time passes and more bugs get fixed it will become more stable, but in these early days, please be careful.

Please keep chatter about this off the forum. If you post about bugs or problems here, I will politely bug firmly remind you to send bug reports to the bug reporter.

Beta’s are temporary. Forum posts last nearly forever. These things don’t mix well. Please help me keep them separated.

Report issues and ask questions:


Videos :movie_camera:

Make sure to check out those videos I’ve been posting. I tried to make them as short and painless as possible with only a tiny hint of marketing blather. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Mostly, they just give you a good idea about what you might want to tinker with.

Feature #1: Multiple Selection
Feature #2: Library Customization
Feature #3: Text Editing
Feature #4: Site Images
Feature #5: Externals
5 More Things: The Little Features

A few FAQs before you download :warning:

  • Backup? – Yes. Always. But now especially. This is really a beta with real bugs.
  • Real Work? – No. Keep this beta away from your professional work. We’re close to being day-to-day usable, but not quite there yet.
  • Do I need to buy it? – Someday, yes. But today no. This beta shows the “please upgrade” banner, but you shouldn’t bump into any restrictions unless you try to use it on a large professional project (please don’t do that – this is still an early beta). If you do want to jump ahead and purchase it, then please do, the registration should work.I’d be pleased to hear feedback the flow is working smoothly.

The links :link:

Download: Stacks v4.0.0 beta 26
Release Notes: Release Notes v4.0.0 beta 26

Requirements: This build has been tested on macOS 10.13 and 10.14. If may work on macOS 10.11 and 10.12 too – but has had little testing. If you are using one of those earlier versions, please get in touch, I’d love to have more feedback.

Bug reporting :bug:

The most direct way is to file a bug on the bug tracker. Don’t be intimidated by fancy developer things. Just click the green New Issue button in the upper right corner and make sure to include as much info as you can – here are some key bits that are important:

  • paste in or attach any crash reports that you get.
  • write about what you saw
  • tell me whatever steps i should take to make sure i can see it too. make sure there’s no way i can miss your bug. don’t let me get out easy by saying i couldn’t see it. usually this means a step by step. but if you don’t know how to make it happen again, just wing it. more info is better than less.
  • if i’ll need any stacks, project files, media, etc let me know or attach it to the bug.
  • if you need to attach something private, or something that is for sale, like a 3rd party stack, then there’s a checkbox for that, This issue is confidential – once that’s clicked only you and I can see it.
    Bug Tracker: Create A New Issue

if the bug tracker seems way to complicated, i get it. i know it’s daunting to non-dev folks. if you just want to send me PRIVATE messages here, or on Slack, that’s awesome too. i’ll honestly take whatever i can get. :slight_smile:

but please keep bug chatter off the main forum. it just sticks around too long there, confusing and scaring the new-folks.


I guess I know what this week’s live stream topic will be. So much awesome here guys… @Isaiah has done an amazing job!


Stacks v4 is supremely awesome! We developers have been hammering away at it for so long now and filing bug reports that it is probably best to get some fresh eyes from the community on it! That’s where you all come in! If you’ve got some time, give Isaiah a hand and test this thing out. Put it through its paces, break things and file bug reports! :bug:


Just purchased the upgrade without a problem with PayPal.


thanks for the feeback @teefers!
can i assume the serial number came in the mail? worked? banner disappeared? etc. etc.

absolutely as you described.

  • I clicked on the banner
  • The General YourHead purchase page popped up with the upgrade on top
  • I selected the upgrade
  • went through the CartLoom purchase
  • An email came with serial number
  • entered the number and the banner disappeared.

I too had zero problems with purchasing the upgrade.
I’ve republished a reasonably complex site that makes extensive use of TotalCMS and everything is perfect.

I’ll do my best to break it but so far S4b has proven rather resilient to my usual tomfoolery :smiling_imp:

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:clap: thanks for the details. perfect. just like it’s meant to go. :tada:

If purchasing Stacks new (right now), is there a way to purchase Stacks 4, so that one doesn’t need to purchase an upgrade to their license in a month or two?

Yes. Download the beta and click the banner. It will take you to the store to purchase a license (or an upgrade if you’re registered for Stacks 3)


I have to say the new upgrade system is much easier than Stacks 2 & 3. No more hunting for your previous serial numbers.

It always tries to pick up your current registration.

But it you ever do need to look up a serial number, it’s super easy:

Look at that URL. Anyone can remember that one. :yum:

Just upgraded and the whole process went remarkably smoothly, no problems!

Same here - already bought it - no issues. Everything went as it should.

I did not even tried it yet, just saw the videos on Patreon when they become public. This is one of those no brainer updates you never get disappointed with. Kudos to Isaiah.

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I will be going live today in about 90 mins and reviewing all of the awesome new features in Stacks 4!


I just recently purchased Stacks 3, had no idea v4 is around corner, is there a special update price?

@U_U - maybe… and i’d say at this point it’s almost certain.

Let me explain…

We always give free updates for anyone that has purchased “recently”. We give a grace period of anywhere between 6-12 weeks. Usually two months from the day the final release is posted to our website.

When the final release will be, exactly, is still uncertain. I never make any guarantees about how long we’ll be in beta. It might be quick. It might take a couple months.

Unless something horrible pops up, I think you’re going to squeeze right in to that free-update. :slight_smile:



can not find an update price either, i know it must be there somewhere…:cold_sweat:

Once you’ve installed the Stacks beta, you can click on the thingy (on the right) to upgrade. The price, I think, is $34.95.

thanks neil,
you are right,
34,95 is the upgrade and i just paid and installed,
how could we survive without stacks? :slight_smile: