Update to newest version v4.10b22 (5268)

Dear all,
i got a stack which recommend to update to Stacks v4.1.0b22 (5268)
How I can update to that version?
I am working with v4.04 (4813)
Google search has not produced an answer.

You will have to download the beta version from the Stacks Slack site. Sign up here.

I don’t think 4.1 will be too long before being released anyway.

You realize that this is “beta” version? Perhaps you may not want to install beta versions on your machine?

Thank you. Actually I am not a developer end not interested to use a “beta” version.
Let me see how i can solve the problem. In any case. Thank you

Should be finalized in rather short order. To be honest, I’m just waiting to be through the election madness here in the US. It’s a substantial release and I wanted to make sure I could give it my full attention.

But with an Apple announcement a week from now, Big Sur cannot be very far away, so it feels like perfect timing. There have been no new bug reports since I released beta 22 a few days ago, so I suspect beta 22 will be identical to the release version.

On the off chance you do find a bug, however, please do let me know on the Slack channel as soon as possible. If there are bugs, I’d like to get them fixed before this goes out to everyone.



Last week Davide found one incompatibility between Stack 4 beta, the Parallel stack and Total CMS that results in macros not being correctly resolved.

I filed a bug with Isaiah on this one. He is working on it. Thanks.

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