Layout not working in inspector (Stacks 3.6.3)

(Ally Gill) #1

I recently moved to RW8 and have been working on a new project. All was fine initially but now I cannot access the LAYOUT options on the Stacks inspector.

When I click on the arrow, the options appear and immediately fold up again. The problem is across the board, regardless of the stack involved.

This is clearly making life a bit tricky! Have tried rebooting and cleaning caches but no change.

Any ideas?


(Paul Russam) #2

It sounds like your mouse is double clicking instead of single.
Check your MacOS preferences mouse settings.

(Ally Gill) #3

Not a problem with any other settings or any other app - only the layout section of RW8 so I’m pretty sure that ain’t the cause!

(system) #4

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