Stacks for stacks player

I want to reduce the size of my player and at the same time reduce the number of buttons. So I can take the buttons out easily but it leaves a space where they once were. Reducing the size of the player does not mean (It seems) that the remaining buttons will fill the space. There’s always a gap where the buttons once were. Any ideas please.
Here’s an example

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Don’t have the stack I’m afraid, but looking at the product page and reducing the width of the screen, it looks as though you can strip all the buttons out apart from the Play and Replay buttons, so I would imagine there’s a way to do it.


Thanks for your time Rob

Much like many stacks, place it within a UsefulStack if you want to constrain its width with CSS max-width.


It’s not constraining the stack but losing the space on right hand side previously occupied by buttons

Try updating to Player v2. I note from your page source code that you are still using an old version of Player that is a couple of years old and no longer receiving support or updates.

The newest version uses CSS flexbox, which vastly improves your ability to add or remove buttons - just like the examples @robbeattie was showing you on the website. Flexbox works in all mdoern web browsers.

If you insist on still using an old version of Player, then I seem to recall after you delete buttons, you have to adjust the button width parameter, to get things realigned again. Whereas with flexbox in Player v2, it’s all computed and aligned automatically for you.

Thank you

It’s getting better but I think I will change to V2 Thanks for your time


You might try doobox boom…take a look at a different look for your menu too…

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