Stacks4Stacks Player Problem, Open at Full Screen

Purchased and downloaded the Stacks4Stacks player, really like it so far, very feature rich, however at the end of the day, it was purchased for the following reason:

“Ability to have the Player stack open at fullscreen in newer web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox and Safari”

How to set the player up to open at fullscreen isn’t apparent. None of the materials on the Stacks4Stacks site address this functionality, nor does the tutorial video for this stack. Maybe I’m missing something painfully obvious, any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Go here:

Scroll down to header “Default Settings” and you’ll see the full screen button (diagonally placed opposite arrows) in the control bar. I remember the instructions showing how to do this.

Click on display instructions option when you have placed the stack on a page.

The fullscreen button is already built into the Player control bar and displayed by default when you add the stack to your page. There is nothing further you need to configure. It’s the button with the two diagonally opposed arrows.

However please note that RapidWeaver preview does not have support for fullscreen, so therefore you will need to preview the page in a normal web browser (like Safari, Chrome or Firefox) to test the fullscreen functionality. Simply click File > Preview Page In… from the RapidWeaver menu and select a normal web browser (like Safari) on your computer.

Here are the technical details of what web browsers support full screen mode:

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