Stacks Missing On Old Project, I have all of the plug ins installed

Hello and thank you in advance for any help. I am trying to build a new website based on an old project. When I open the project, most of the page is uneditable to me because it is “missing” multiple stacks. How can I find which stacks are missing so I can edit this project?

How can I add these stacks I am missing? I swear I added all of the basic foundation stacks but they seem to not have. What am I missing here? Thank you

@Ione1 The screenshot is giving you a lot of information. From what I see you are missing:

  1. Site Styles stack for Foundation
  2. Accordion to Tabs stack for Foundation

Where can I download those?

I don’t know for sure as I don’t have Foundation. Presumably you bought Foundation 1 or Foundation 6 from Joe Workman. Perhaps @joeworkman can provide help on how to redownload.

However, I would imagine when you first bought Foundation you received an email with a download link. I’d use that. Also if you go to Joe’s website there’s an option to have it send you all the purchases you have made via email with download links.

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Thank you!

There is an order lookup in the Weaver Space help page, enter the email you purchased Foundation with and you will get the download link again

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Thank you to everyone for your help! I was able to solve my issue and finally get to editing my project!

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