Missing plug in type "Stacks"

Having moved the website I’m working on, to my new laptop - I get the message

Missing plugin type “stack” and the site doesn’t display properly in RW6 preview. I’ve moved everything across to the new laptop and thought, perhaps naively, that the stacks would go with it. Can anyone help please

And how do I find out which plugins are missing?

Hi Denise, if you still have your old laptop, your Rapidweaver addons will be in your old user library. In the Finder menu, click on Go while holding down the Option key, select Library, then subfolder Application Support, then subfolder Rapidweaver. If you copy the contents of that folder across to the same location on your new laptop, it should work. If you no longer have access to your old laptop, you may need to email support for each of the addon developers you’ve purchased from in the past and ask them if there’s a way to view your order history. In that case you may be able to re-download your addons and install them on your new laptop.

Thank you - that sounds very helpful. I’ll give it a try this evening.

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Thank you

Denise Nardone