Stacks not installing

I’ve bought, downloaded and supposedly installed two stacks (one called Photo by Nick Cates and one called Gallery by Instacks). I’ve double clicked on the stack icon and got confirmation and I’ve dropped the stack icon onto the RW icons on the start bar (both RW7 and RW8) and get a little success message. But they do not appear in the library.

I also downloaded a Nick Cates theme called Iris. It didn’t install using the unzip/double click method, but it did when I dropped it onto the application icon.

So I’m a bit stuck. Can anyone help?

I have RW7 and RW8 running on Mojave

Then the stacks are installed inside the wrong appication. See a description here how to do it correctly: Install stacks the correct way

Hi Jannis: after two days of messing around I finally have them installed correctly. Thanks so much for your prompt reply!

Now all I have to do is find out how to make my Gallery Image stack work! (And yes, I’ll follow your excellent directions)

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