Stacks Page - Title & Note


can anyone tell me what is the function of naming and putting notes in the stacks page?

Could it be important for search engines?

Thank you!

Could you elaborate on what you are talking about. Where are you “naming” the page? If you are talking about the folder name in the page inspector then that becomes part of the URL. That makes it very important to search engines. If you’re talking about the name of the page on the left panel, that’s what the user sees in navigation.

Not sure what “notes” you are talking about.

Those are two new fields added in Stacks 4. They allow you to add information that makes it easier to follow more complicated pages.

The “Title” field will appear in front of the Stack name in the layout area in edit more only.

The “Notes” field allow you to enter more information about what’s in this stack. They can appear (or not) in edit mode, and optionally also be included in the HTML output as HTML comments via check boxes.

They are there to help you document and understand more complex layouts with lots of similar stacks on the page.

Neither field, with any of their options, affect the appearance of the website when published. They also have no impact on SEO.


I’m sorry Doug for the lack of precision but I was referring to the stacks 4. Thanks anyway for the answer.

And thanks also to Don for his answer which is what I wanted to know.


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