FREE STACK! Pen - Stacks Notes and Groups

(Joe Workman) #1

Have you ever looked back at what you have built in RapidWeaver and wondered what you were thinking? Pen is the best way to leave yourself notes within Stacks Edit Mode. Pen can also group your stack together to help you keep your design more organized. The best part is that Pen adds zero extra weight to your published page.

Get it for free at

(Gavin Fregona) #2

Thanks Joe!

(Joe Workman) #3

(Brian Cooper) #4

Thanks Joe, this will be useful.

(studiozellige) #5

Merci beaucoup !.. Très, très pratique !.. :wink:

(LJ) #6

Nice one Joe - many thanks

(John Tyler) #7

Many Thanks Joe this will help that fading memory

(David Freels) #8

Thanks Joe. I like your new web site. Can you add a search box to Weavers.Space?

That would be really helpful, as I’m always looking to you to help me solve RapidWeaver riddles.

(scott williams) #9

there is one

click “stacks” in the main nav.

(Joe Workman) #10

As Scott showed, there is search on the Stacks page.

I plan on adding full site search at some point. But there are a lot of other things on my list… it never seems to get smaller. LOL

(system) #11

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